Sunday, March 25, 2007

Amie's Wedding

I haven't had the chance to take any pictures in the past 2 weekends, but I did remember to take some quick pictures of Amie's Flowers while we were loading up yesterday afternoon! I kept reminding myself and glad I did! I loved her flowers- her colors were purples and green- we did alot of spring flowers- hydrangeas, mini calla lilies, tulips, veronica, lavender roses, freesia and cymbidium orchids. I'm looking forward to seeing the photographer's pictures, the coloring from my flash made them look a little more yellow & blue tones....not good when working with purple and green! LOL The venue was one of my absolute favorite venues for a wedding- the Dallas World Aquarium! SUCH a cool place to get married (man, IF only i would have thought of it when Gavin & I got married! ahaha!) This was my 2nd time having a wedding there, and I think it is just such a unique place for such a great event!

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