Saturday, March 15, 2008

Recent Events

I know, its been too LONG! I can't believe I havent posted pictures since September...what a bad blogger! Ironically, I'm better at keeping up with my personal blog...but who doesnt love cute kid? ;-}~
Most of the new photos I have that are some recent work have been taken with my iphone camera- so excuse the not so wonderful shots! Sometimes if I forget my camera, all I've got is my camera phone since very few clients send us photos and trying to get pictures from photographers is like pulling teeth! (HINT HINT- send us photos!!!!!!!!)

White Roses, Green Cymbidiums, Monkey Tails, Green Kermit Poms, Apricot Mini calla lilies, white freesia and variegated pittsporum

White Roses, White Hydrangea, Coffeeberry, Green Cymbidium Orchids and variegated pittsporum (greenery)

Arbor decor at the Tribute (green cymbidiums hanging by brown satin ribbon)

Gazebo Arrangement at the Tribute
Apricot Spray Roses, Green Belles of Ireland, Bear Grass, White Oriental Lilies, white dendrobium orchids, Green Jade Roses, Monstera Leaves, Aspidistra Leaves and Italian Ruskus

Another Wedding at the Tribute (Christmas time) Cube vases with green pittsporum, coffeeberry and Red Roses

My Niece's 1st Birthday Party
She's a little wild (lol) no really, my sister just loves pink and zebra- so we ran with that for my niece's birthday party theme- who says you can bring zebra print into a flower arrangement? Rilee had the wildest 1st birthday party around! (not to mention who has a professional (me) decorator design their birthday decorations?) Yes we do those too!
All we used was Fuchsia roses and tulips

Kim's Wedding at the Old Red Courthouse
Purple Hydrangeas, Purple Tulips, Green Belles of Ireland

Not a great angle, but Purple Stock, Lavender Tulips and Wheat Grass

Wedding at the Worthington in FW
Our wrought iron tabletop candelabras (no candles here) covered with solid flowers using gerbers, hydrangeas, hanging amaranthus, larkspur, roses and variegated pitt

Our shorter (18" wrought iron) table top candelabras using bear grass, gerbers, roses and variegated pitt

Warning- Very bad picture- it was taken with my phone IN our cooler! We do an annual christmas party for an Insurance Company and we do different designs each year- this year we did "silver bells" using Green Belles of Ireland and shaped into a Christmas tree on a silver stand with silver bells and silver ribbon- they came out very cute!

LOVED this bouquet! Its solid White Mini Callas, White Freesia and White Stephanotis- the freesia came in absolutely amazing this particular week- the blooms were huge and totally blew me away! too bad the picture doesnt do the bouquet justice!

Sign In Table Arrangement- LOVE this one-- Green Belles of Ireland, White Calla Lilies, and Blue Hydrangeas- everyone needs a huge dramatic sign in table like this!!